What Do Older Men Know about Younger Women?

Experience is a wonderful teacher, especially when it comes to men knowing about women. Older men who have been in one or more relationships tend to know quite a lot about women. They seem to know instinctively what women like, what they dislike, what to say to them and how to make them laugh. That’s why many young women are drawn to them.

If you are one of those fine younger women seeking older men, then knowing what they know about you can help you build a meaningful and lasting relationship.

They know that you prefer men of their own age group

Let’s start with age difference. Older men know that a vast majority of younger women prefer men of their own age group. They know they might be accused being creepy and lecherous if they are not careful. This is why they are extra careful with younger women. They will pretend to ignore you or even act hostile when they actually like you. This is why it is important to give them the right signal if you are interested in them.

They know that you are intimidated by them

Older men know that younger women are intimidated by them – and not just because of the age difference. Older men are usually wealthier and more powerful than younger men. They know that you will respect them if they are successful and rich. This can be an obstacle to beginning a relationship as well as an advantage. Some try hard to live up to the image of a respectable gentleman, which can make them seem distant and cold. Others will try to use it to their advantage and waste no time in letting you know how their plan for you.

They know that you like attention, a lot of it

Young women like a lot of attention and older men know it. They know that the way to your heart is to shower you with lots of attention. But they also know staring at or stalking you is not the way to do it. They also know that gushing about how beautiful and sexy you are won’t crack the ice. So, they will give you the attention you desire by doing things for you and put a smile on your face by giving subtle compliments.

They know that you value birthdays and anniversaries

Women in general give a lot of importance to birthdays and anniversaries. Older men know that by experience. When they are courting you, they will go the length to give you expensive gifts on your birthday, anniversary and Valentine’s Day. Their thoughtfulness may not continue after marriage, but you will definitely feel at the top of the world as long as it lasts.

They know what you look like under your makeup

Older men are more careful in their selection of women than younger men. Experience has taught them to look under the surface before jumping into anything. They will not take you at face value, because they know what you look like under your makeup. But if you are good and honest and have love in your heart, then they will fall for you even if you are just a plain Jane.

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