How to Overcome Age Gap in a Relationship

Whether you like it or not, couples with huge age difference have always been around and the number is likely to increase. These days, there are age difference dating sites that are full of young girls who want older men and vice versa. But once you start dating an older man, things can sometimes be a bit weird. So here are some tips on how to overcome age gap in a relationship.

•    Forget about your age difference

If you constantly think of your age difference, then you will find it harder to handle your relationship. So forget about it. Just don’t think about it. If other people mention it (whether casually or maliciously), just laugh it off. It’s the love and understanding between the two of you that really matters. So what if he is on the wrong side of 50 and you are just in your mid-thirties? As long as you are both healthy and young at heart, age is just a number. As you both grow older, your age gap will cease to matter.

•    Focus on your similarities

Age is really not a good indicator of one’s tastes and views. A 60 years old man may like the same music as a 30 years old woman. So, rather than concentrating on the differences, focus on your similarities. In any dispute, always try to find a common ground. Think of all the things that you both like, things that you can do together and the common interests you have. You will find that you have more similarities than differences; that’s why you fell in love in the first place.

•    Do not bring up age in an argument

Arguments are common in a relationship. In fact, studies have shown that couples who argue more frequently have a more stable and lasting relationship. But do not bring up age difference in an argument. Do not tell him that he is old enough to be your father or uncle than you even in fit a rage and that you did him a favor by marrying him. That may not go down well with him and may even become the wedge that will tear your relationship apart.

•    Avoid the company of negative people

Negative people always focus on the negative things. They will constantly remind you of your age gap and tell you how incompatible you are. If you continue to keep the company of such people, you will soon begin finding faults in your relationship. So avoid the company of negative people. If anyone says anything negative about your relationship, put that person in his or her place with some firm words.

•    Do not force him to do thing that he doesn’t want to do

There are things that an older man doesn’t like doing because of his age and health, such as taking a rollercoaster ride. He may oblige once in a while to prove that he loves you as much on the day that he proposed to you; but if anything goes wrong, he may quietly hold you responsible. So do not force him to do things that he is not doesn’t want to do.

The secret to success in older men younger women relationships is understanding, compassion and focusing on the positive things. If you can do that, then only death can do you apart.

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