Advantages of Online dating for Younger Women and Older Men

Due to the fact that there large numbers of younger women who are interested in meeting older men there has been a rise in younger women older men dating sites on the internet. A simple google search will turn up a number of these site. Of course, as with any other online dating site, women need to be careful, but many of these sites are legit and are simply capitalizing on a demographic trend that is already happening.

It can be difficult for women who are specifically looking meet older men to actually find available men. Falling into the pitfalls of preconceived notions of what these women are looking for and falling into similar pitfalls of predatory men are obvious challenges facing these women. is one such dating web site that states at the outset that the challenges I described above are real problems for these women. This site promises discretion and sensitivity for both women and men. They claim that they serve women who are “tired of immature and unstable behaviors of younger men of their age group.” This site offers free start-up profiles for those who are new to are interested.

Another site that promises similar services is simply called This site is tied to but through this site they are specific about the fact that they are serving younger women who seek older men. They filter out “cougar” matches and other things that women are obviously not interested in and they do the filtering for women. That they are rigorous and specific about what they offer is a major advantage for women searching specifically for older men.

There are important considerations women need to be aware of before using any of these sites. A recent article reported that one of the central problems with online dating sites, and this includes all online dating sites, not just those geared specifically to women who are looking to meet older men, is that people tend to be less than honest when filling out their information for these sites (Business Insider). This would seem obvious but we all tend to believe we are being honest about ourselves and any problems that we encounter are due to other people and their lies. What Business Insider revealed s that we ALL tend to lie just a little about ourselves. All of us, it would seem, have a hard time being completely up front about who we are when it comes to filling out our personal information on dating sites. Younger women should keep this in mind as they evaluate whether or not they want to go through a dating site to meet older men.

Of course, there are distinct advantages to using a dating site. Particularly for younger women who are looking for older men, dating sites “provide individuals with access to many more potential partners than they could often find in their daily lives. This is especially true for individuals interested in partners of a particular type, orientation, lifestyle (Psychology Today).” Clearly, “partners of a particular type” include men of a specific age range. These sites allow women to choose age ranges in a way that is simply impossible in the world of social situations that are entirely unpredictable. Women looking for older men now have a range of real options.

The online dating world has always been a legitimate option for dating. Given that the recent trend of younger women who seek older men, it would appear that the online market is catching up and targeting these women in useful ways.

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